• Author Rafael A. Hines

    Bishop's War


    Bishop's War


    Rafael Amadeus Hines

    *****5 Stars*****

    From Book Reviewers Cafe


    You can tell that Bishop’s War is very close to the author’s heart due to the fine-tuned details that seemed to flow from Mr. Hines into the story line. The characters are very well developed…Our hero Sargent John Bishop was off-the-hook great! His character came to life with every page, you could sense the fire that burned inside of him which left you wanting to jump inside the book and work right beside him. The story line was very well developed and flowed perfectly.
    The day the Twin Towers were flown into, not only did New York grieve, all of America grieved with them. I remember it as if it was yesterday.
    In my opinion, no one but Mr. Hines could have written this book as perfectly as he did. You can sense the hard research time that went into his work with a fast, twisting plot, which involved the war on terror on our American streets in New York City, that led us to Afghanistan, the Government corruption was right on target, and a family crime syndicate.
    This book completely engulfs you, and you don’t want to put it down. When you’re finished, it is as if you’ve lost a part of you. Very well done Mr. Hines, such fabulous work that should remind everyone to live life to the fullest each and every single day for tomorrow isn’t promised.


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