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    1)What made you want to be an author?


    Well that’s a tricky one, because there are a number of things, the main one being it was something I slowly learned I had an aptitude for and other people thought so to, in some cases so much so that I got paid for the stories rolling around in my head. Gasps! Don’t let that sway you, just putting a few words down on paper makes you a writer, but getting paid helps the soul.


    2) Who are your mentors and help pace your writing career?


    I only really have one mentor/business partner/personal champion/Mom haha & that would be Suzie Lockhart, one of the best editors/writers I know, who would probably edit this if I gave her the chance. She’s a constant source of growth and keeps me grounded, we’re always bouncing ideas off of each other and my writing career wouldn’t be half of what it is without her. Love you Mom <3



    3)How many books do you have released and what are their links?


    So, no actual novels, crazy right? I got my start writing short stories and have over 50 published either solo or coauthored, not that I’m not working on that next best seller. With the quantity in mind how bout I just give you the latest highlights. Memento Mori was actually an anthology I got to screen stories for and is one of my prouder achievements b/c it has a lot of beautiful pain weaved into it. M&M loosely translates from Latin to meaning ‘Tokens of Death’, and that’s what the call asked for, stories that incorporate death. While the topic might seem a tad morbid, I can promise you there are some funny pieces in here, and it is worth the look because the level of talent in here is mind boggling. I’ll give another brief mention to a short story I recently self-published on Amazon, I know oh the horror. It’s entitled ‘Ghost in the Machine’ and deals with the development of a new technology based around reliving memories in perfect detail. The applications seem endless, but when the lines between supernatural and reality start to blur and outside threats want to get their hands on it, the good doctor will go to extreme lengths to save it… Not a bad read for 40pgs and only 99cents!…plug shame plug shame plug shame.




    Ghost in the Machine


    Ghost in the Machine (Universal Link):




    Memento Mori (Universal Link):



    4) What is your favorite genre to write in?


    Looking at my track record which is mostly Horror/Dark Fantasy, I can’t say that either of these are definitively my favorite genres, lately I’ve been favoring Sci-Fi which doesn’t mean I’m any good at it, but it’s just so cool.



    5) Tell us about yourself?


    Dashingly handsome, creative genius, charming personality. I experience maybe 1 of these per month lol. With chronic nerve damage being at the centerpiece of my every single hour, I can’t have it all, but what artist hasn’t suffered for their work?



    6) What is the biggest battle you face as an author?


    See previous answer lol. Aside from that though I have very bad memory, so those moments of genius can slip through my fingers like water. I’m definitely a perfectionist, which with short term memory well there’s a joke in there somewhere.




    7) Are you an Indie author or with a publishing house? To you, what are the biggest perks and downfalls?


    I’ve been both recently with ‘Ghost in the Machine’ being my first solo act, but as I’ve said no actual novels yet so my opinion might be a little worthless in this particular area. Usually with a publisher, there is a team of people working toward the same goal and that can really take some of the stress off when everything clicks, but when there are constant hiccups in communication and vision it can just make you want to Indie-out.  I’m coining this it’ll be cool one day.



    8) Do you see yourself writing long term and in other genres?


    I’m going to be a writer until the day I die, and if I’ve done anything of value I’ll still be an author long after that. It’s in my blood, my bones, my every thought. I hope to taste the cusp of every genre and leave a mark of my own within each.




    9) What do you want the reading world to know the most about you?


    Hmm that’s a question I can’t remember being asked, but if I had to take a crack at it, I would say while it may not apply to my very early work everything since I’ve tried to incorporate meaning into. I’ve tried to make the reader feel something, anything, and I’ve written with an open heart, an open wound. There is pain in my writing, but it isn’t all there is.




    10) Have you received any awards with your writing as of yet?


    Just a few online things, the Predators & Editors Reader’s Poll. We won 2nd place for Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers & 5th place for Fractured Realms, which is a charity anthology in support of autism.




    11) Do you plan on entering Nano-writing month in November? When you do will you let Book Review Cafe review it before you?


    Let’s talk again in a year. 😉



    12) What are your hobbies?


    Ooh aside from thinking about writing haha, I definitely like to game whether it be on the screen or with a handful of cards I’ve probably done it. Besides that, Anime has become somewhat of a problem. There’s this thing where it’s like a movie in your mind called reading, definitely a most sacred hobby.



    13) If there is anything we’ve not ask you and you want the reading and writing world to know, please tell us.


    I’m dating one of the bloggers, and she’s the best, but you know keep it on the DL.



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