• The Book Reviewer’s Café

    Due to the current demand of reviews, we’ve expanded to meet your needs. We have added reviewers, beta-readers and proofreaders with no less than five (5) years of experience to our team.


    We do still take submissions for already published work. However, NON-PUBLISHED work will be reviewed first, this allows us time to properly review the work for flow, character development, active verses passive voice and much more. Submissions must be sent in eight (8) to nine (9) weeks—prior to the publication date.

    We will email the submitting author or publisher a detailed checklist of our findings.


    We don’t accept any submissions via any galley, due to our need to protect all reviewers anonymity.



    Protect your work!

    Obtain a COPYRIGHT!



    ​Obtain a Bowker ISBN

    They are the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information and management solutions. They are designed to help publishers, authors, and booksellers serve their customers.

    Know your BISAC

    BISAC codes tell retailers and librarians where and how to categorize your book in person and online. BISAC subject codes are essentially genre codes.

    Ingram Spark


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    • Connect to more than 39,000 retailers and libraries all over the world
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